Samsung LM561B

Samsung have revealed the latest LM-80 test data for the LM561B mid-powered LED used in our MONOFLEX and MONOCOVE linear LED products. The impressive results show that after 6,000 hours of testing TM-21 data, used to extrapolate lumen depreciation curves beyond the 6,000 hours test period, show an L70 of 93,000 hours under a 150mA drive current and at an operating temperature of 85°C.

That means that the LM561B LED, under the specified conditions, will maintain 70% of the initial lumens (L70) for 93,000 hours - that's over 10-years in constant operation. I think you'll agree that's pretty impressive, we'd expect nothing less from Samsung. The LM561B not only has a high efficacy, excellent colour consistency but also has excellent lumen maintenance too!

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